Great Lawyer

Elke has done so much in my divorce and custody battle. She’s been great in making sure I’ve stayed informed and had all paperwork completed.


Top-Notch Legal Support

Elke and Candy have provided top notch legal and court room support to my family in regards to numerous family law divorce and child support cases in the Mojave Superior Court. They know how to get things done fast with the legal system and have built rock solid working relationships with the judge. They have saved me alot of money. I would strongly suggest you use their services in the future. Well done! A+



Elke took our case over two years ago when our previous attorney notified us, with only a days notice, she was retiring. Elke jumped right in with no notice and took on our case. She not only won but fought hard for us and she ensured the truth came out and we were able to get justice. She works hard for her clients and will not let you down. She is worth every dime and I guarantee she will fight for the truth.



Ms. Schardt was always available for consultation any time during the week day and quickly reviewed all documentation E-mailed to her. I am very happy with the results and will use her services again if needed. I was pleased on her knowledge of my Corporate matter.


Best Attorney in the Valley

Elke was referred to me as my current attorney was leaving. Elke has been the best thing to happen to me since my ex filed on me in 2008. I have had 3 or 4 different attorneys in the valley and all of them did nothing but take my money, and produce zero results. Elke is a very take charge attorney, she will NOT get into a paper mailing battle with other attorneys. She will just take her day in front of the judge and let them decide the issue at hand, as it has been fruitless to correspond with the other sides attorney. Elkes rate are very fair, and she is very willing to accept payments. Candy is the Legal Secretary in the office, and she too is amazing!! I can almost say, that between Candy and Elke, they probably know my case better than I do. Elke and Candy are very attentive, and almost always are available via phone or email, and will usually answer any questions within 24 hours, including weekends. I highly recommend this Family Law Firm, in my opinion they are the best in the Antelope Valley.


A Stand-Up Lawyer

Went through a challenging divorce proceeding and had a couple of lawyers representing me. Costing a small fortune and getting nothing but continuance after continuance driving up the bills. One lawyer would show up for a 5 minute hearing and charge 8 hours of billing time!! When questioned about her bill. Nothing!!! Pay the bill or else!! I choose or else! There are a lot of those kind out there and Elke is not one of them!! She charges reasonable billing for actual work performed and will actually work with you to make things happen! There are a lot of “lawyers” out there and their whole forte is to screw you out of as much money as they can and who cares nothing about the result!! Elke is a stand up do the right thing lawyer and I would highly recommend her to anyone who has the misfortune to needing help!


Highly Recommended

Elke Gordon-Schardt was retained by me for a divorce and child custody case that began in 2010. She was referred to me by a relative who I have known all of my life and whom I trust completely. I found that his recommendation of Ms. Gordon-Schardt to handle my case was well founded. She was always available when I needed her, made recommendations to me which fit my needs, and was very professional when dealing with my spouse and the obverse attorney and kept discussions on a business basis. On top of all that, her court appearances were timely, her rates and billing seemed to be appropriate and fair, and I had a good resolution to my case based on her knowledge and expertise. I have recommended friends to her because of my experience.