Elke Gordon Schardt

Elke Gordon-Schardt is divorce, separation and probate attorney who serves clients in Lancaster, CA and the surrounding area.

Education and Licensure

Elke Gordon Schardt, educated in Germany, began her post-secondary education at the University of California at Los Angeles. After graduating from UCLA with a B.A. in Linguistics she attended Southwestern University School of Law. After obtaining her Juris Doctor degree she acquired her license to practice law in the State of California in 1991.

Practice Areas

Attorney Gordon-Schardt focuses her legal practice on divorce, separation, custody, guardianship, conservatorship, probate and trusts.

Divorce and Separation

Attorney Gordon-Schardt represents clients who are interested in separating from or divorcing a spouse. She helps her clients deal with all of the relevant issues that must be settled before a divorce or separation can be completed, including division of property, child custody, child visitation schedules and spousal support.


Probate is a legal process designed to settled a deceased person’s debts and distribute his or her property in accordance with the individual’s final wishes. Attorney Gordon-Schardt can help individuals who are acting as estate administrators, as well as those who have an interest in a probated estate.

Work Experience

Attorney Elke Gordon-Schardt opened her own practice, the Law Office of Elke Gordon-Schardt, after graduating from law school. She has maintained this practice ever since. Initially, she opened practices in Santa Clarita and Lancaster. However, Attorney Gordon-Schardt now works out of the Lancaster office exclusively. Nonetheless, Attorney Gordon-Schardt still appears in all courts, including appellate courts.


Attorney Gordon-Schardt is originally from Germany. She has also spent time living in Mexico. As a result of her history, she speaks German, Spanish and English fluently.


Elke Gordon-Schardt charges a retainer, as well as an hourly fee for probate cases, separations and divorces. Because of the nature of her practice, flat-fee divorce options are not available.

Working with Attorney Elke Gordon-Schardt

Attorney Elke Gordon-Schardt is currently accepting new clients in Lancaster and the surrounding area. If you are interested in hiring Attorney Gordon-Schardt, contact the Law Office of Elke Gordon-Schardt today to learn more about our services or to schedule a consultation. We look forward to working with you!


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